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Hardcore Beast Fan [Hyunseung Biased]

I'll post some pictures of my favorite kpop bands. It's very radom so there will be alot of diffrent pictures. I think you guys will enjoy it ^^

My favorite band is B2ST but I also like SHINee Infinite. B.A.P Block B and fx but i normally post pictures that I like.


Kpop Game!!

Pick 5 of your favorite Kpop Groups (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them.

1. SHINee

2. Infinite

3. B.A.P


5. Block B


Who is your favorite person from #2: Sungjongie!!

Who is your least favorite from #1: Sorry Minho :(

 What is your favorite song from #4: Beautiful Night

 What is your favorite OTP from #3: BangHim! They are so adorable together!

What is your least favorite OTP from #2: I don’t have one, sorry.

 How long have you been a fan of #1: About 1,5 year I think

 Bias in #5: Zico, but Jaehyo is trying to steal it ^^

Favorite music video in group #3: Definitely One Shot

How did you find out about #4: They are my first ever kpop group I found out about so its also how I discovered Kpop. I watch Anime and I start to watch selfmade videos about it. At one video the music really attracted me so I looked it up. That’s how I found out about BEAST. (They my number one :D)

 Favorite thing about group 5: Their dorkyness :D

Most played song on your cellphone/ Ipod from group #2: Pff, that’s a hard one but I think it’s The Chaser.

 Rank favorite to least from #1, #2, #5: Let’s see: Infinite, Shinee, Block B.

Which have you seen more variety shows from #1 or#3: 1, so Shinee

If you could be anyone from #4 who would you be?: I would definitely be Hyunseung. He’s my number one Bias and I really want to know how his 4D mind works :D. Also having his body is a blessing.

 What would you change about #3: Nothing, they are perfect in their one way.

 Random quote or saying from someone in group #1: Key: ‘Jonghyun is so pretty’ (Jonghyun neomu yeppeoseo) Key sang this in one of their shows. It was so sweet and I will never forget it <3

Would a collab with #2 and #5 work?: I don’t think that would do it. They are both very different, in way of doing and music style.

If you had to choose between seeing #4 or #2 who would you choose?: Nooo! Can’t I see both? Well if I have to choose one it will be BEAST because they are my favorite by group and because I already saw Infinite on their One Great Step Concert xD


these dorks boys are back to destroy your bias list (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 

My boyfies.

(Bron: yujee)